I find myself pushing people away as soon as I start caring for them….boy did you mess me up….



Love isn’t something that changes. If you truly love a person it doesn’t change. If you can walk away from someone you “love” chances are that you never actually loved that person. Unfortunately i truly loved you, but you could walk away. I will always love you, even though i know you never have and never will love me the same way. My heart is yours. That doesn’t mean that if you come back for me that i’ll come running back to you. I always will love you but never again will i be yours. I’m not stupid enough to let you come back into my life and break my heart again and wreck my life. I’m sorry you had your chance, now i just need to move on……somehow…


All i want

All i want is to have someone want me and need. Someone who wants to spend time with me and loves my silly and annoying quirks. I don’t want someone who pretends to like me, or lies to my face to make me happy. I’ve been there and did that. And i’m sick and tired of it. I don’t want someone perfect, because i’m nowhere close to perfect. I want someone who sees me for ME and still chooses to love me through it all.


This needs to be my bathroom

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can i keep him this small forever???

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What am I?

I don’t want to be the girl who is cute, adorable, beautiful, amazing, or babe to you one day then the next be nothing more. I don’t want to be the girl who you run to…..but only when you want something from me. I don’t want to be second best for you. I don’t want to be that girl who is always going to be there. I was that girl once to someone else. And that was all I had. I want to be your world so you can be mine. If I’m not yours, I’m only setting myself up for you to hurt me when another girl comes along. I’ve been there and done that and I won’t do it again. Its time to decide. Am I worth more than meaningless words or am I just that girl who you text?


is this too much to ask for

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That one person who you would walk on water for
That one person who made your heart beat so fast
It’s that person who makes you want to cry
Get torn up inside
Because, they aren’t the same anymore
What changed?
The attention
The girls
The fact that, that person never even glances at you
Even though you’ve saved all the hurtful messages
And the good ones
That one person is still the person
who you would cry for
No matter how much you don’t
Want to face it

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